Welfare Benefits

The Stockton & District Advice & Information Service (SDAIS) helps with all benefit issues. The following are examples of the kind of issues the service deals with:

  • Helping you and your family identify what benefits you may be entitled to
  • Help with making a claim, including help with advice on welfare before entitlement when your circumstances change
  • Advice and support if you are refused a benefit
  • Advice and support on appeal against benefit decisions, upto the Upper Tribunal

The following are some examples of the work we do:

Example 1…

Alice suffers with severe Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Her friend recently told her that it may have been caused by the floor buffers she used to work with in her last job. This limits her ability to undertake a range of activities e.g. cooking, dressing and bathing. She has been unable to get any benefits as she only works 25 hours a week and does not work enough hours to claim Working Tax Credit.

What we would advise…

Even though Alice works she may be entitled to Industrial Injuries Benefit in respect of her Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. We would also examine whether she might be entitled to Personal Independence Payments (PIP). This benefit is also payable to people in work but applicants have to meet certain criteria. If she successfully claims PIP she will also be entitled to claim Working Tax Credits (if her earnings are low enough) as claimants only need to work 16 hours a week or more to claim Tax Credits if they also receive PIP.

Example 2…

Brian cares for his mother who lives with him. His mother is very ill and he has to care for her a lot during the day. He came into SDAIS because he has been refused Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) after being transferred over from Incapacity Benefit. He is worried that, if he has to sign on, he will be unable to provide the care and support his mother needs.

What we would advise…

Brian has a number of options:

  • He can appeal and continue to receive ESA until the appeal.
  • We can assist his mother to claim Attendance Allowance and Brian can claim Carers Allowance and Income Support to look after her.
  • He can sign on and ask for the Job Centre to place limits on his availability.

What am I entitled to?
To find out which benefits you are entitled to please contact us at the Stockton & District Advice & Information Service to make an appointment or telephone: 01642 633877

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