Representational Advocacy Service
The Representational Advocacy Service (RAS) aims to:

  • Give advice and information about social and health care services to people with a learning difficulty
  • Provide the client with a independent “Voice” in meetings about the services they need or require

The service employs one Representational Advocate to give people specialist and comprehensive advice and information about statutory social and health care services, and to support people to express their points of view and concerns about these services.

Self Advocacy Service
Stockton Helps All is a self-advocacy service that is managed by Stockton & District Advice & Information Service (SDAIS) and funded by Stockton Borough Council to facilitate self-advocacy for people with learning disabilities in the Stockton-on-Tees and surrounding area.

The service aims to ensure that people with learning disabilities know their rights, can stand up for those rights by becoming more independent, have greater choice and are more involved in the decision making process about services for people with learning disabilities, and to become values members of society. The service has continued to raise the profile for people with learning disabilities in Stockton-on-Tees and has supported people with learning disabilities to attend a series of meetings and become more involved in the decision making processes.

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